Beyoncé urges fans to ‘remain aligned and focused’ amid protests following George Floyd’s death

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Beyoncé is speaking out about the future of the fight against racial injustice. After days of worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism, the singer took to Instagram to encourage activists to keep the fight going and stay focused.

"The world came together for George Floyd," Beyoncé wrote alongside an aerial photo showing the massive crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Floyd was killed by police on May 25.

"We know there is a long road ahead," she continued. "Let’s remain aligned and focused in our call for real justice."

Beyoncé's post comes the same day that three additional Minneapolis police officers -- all of whom had been fired for their involvement in Floyd's death -- were charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder and manslaughter.

Charges were also raised against former officer Derek Chauvin from third degree murder to second degree murder. The new charges came shortly after State Attorney General Keith Ellison was put in charge of the prosecution.

While the songstress did not mention the charges against the officer's directly, her mother, Tina Knowles, celebrated what she described as a "victory" of justice and thanked everyone who protested and demanded accountability.

"To all the people who played a part in this victory. Whether you were physically on the front lines protesting. Getting shot by rubber bullets and tear gas, shouting at the top of your lungs. Or you joined a peaceful protest… Thank you to All who Contributed to the outcome which was successful, to get these guys at least arrested and charged," she wrote. "Now we have the task ahead of us to get them convicted. We must have the same diligence and tenacity to get this done, so thank you!"