New England Patriots' Devin McCourty and Wife Michelle Lose Their Baby Girl Mia 8 Months Into Pregnancy

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Footballer Devin McCourty has revealed that he and his wife, Michelle, lost their baby girl 8 months into their pregnancy. In an Instagram post on Monday, the New England Patriots player shared an emotional tribute to the daughter they were expecting and had named Mia.

“I’ve seen and felt God in so many ways in this last week,” wrote the 32-year-old athlete, who also has a 3-year-old daughter, Londyn, and 2-year-old son, Brayden. “1st was holding my 3rd child Mia and telling her I love her and then telling her see you later...all in one day. 2nd has been leading such a strong and powerful woman @dr_yimac32...her strength has brought me to tears but also inspired me to be what God has called me to be.”

“3rd Gods love on earth has been shown to us by unbelievers friends and family who have checked on us daily, and hourly,” he continued. “Thank you everyone for your love and prayers -Dmac.”

The couple lost the little girl over Memorial Day weekend, with Michelle sharing her heartache in a social media post days later.

"I cry as I type this,” she wrote on Instagram. “It pains me to announce that this past memorial wknd on May 24, 2020, Dev and I suffered the most painful experience of our lives. My pregnancy had resulted in a still birth at almost 8 months of being pregnant -- at exactly 31 weeks 2 days when we found out that the baby girl growing inside me no longer had a heart beat after being completely fine the week before at my last doctor's appt.”

"We are so heartbroken,” she continued. “We are devastated. We are speechless. We are angry. We are sad. We are confused. We are numb. To make matters worse, after an emotional full 21 hour labor, I had to push out and deliver our beautiful baby girl who came out with the umbilical cord around her neck.”

The grieving mom went on to share how the couple had held Mia wrapped up in a blanket, describing her as “cute as ever” and looking similar to how Brayden did as a newborn. She also said she had turned to friends and the Bible for support, admitting her faith had been tested through the ordeal.