Marc Maron Sobs as He Pays Tribute to Late Girlfriend Lynn Shelton

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Marc Maron is remembering his late girlfriend, Lynn Shelton. During the latest episode of his podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, the 56-year-old host emotionally eulogized Shelton, who died on Saturday as a result of a previously unidentified blood disorder. She was 54.

"She was my partner. She was my girlfriend. She was my friend. And I loved her. I loved her. A lot. And she loved me, and I knew that," Maron began. "I don’t know that I had ever felt what I felt with her before. I do know, actually. I did not. I have not. I was getting used to love in the way of being able to accept it and show it properly in an intimate relationship."

"I was so comfortable with this person, with Lynn Shelton -- and I'm not really that comfortable emotionally or otherwise -- I was able to exist in a place of self-acceptance because of her love for me," Maron continued, while getting choked up. "I made her laugh all the time, and she made me laugh, and we were happy. We laughed a lot. We played Crazy Eights, we cooked food together, we traveled, we wrote."

Maron went on to detail the events leading up to Shelton's death, which began with an illness that they both assumed was strep throat. When Shelton's fever remained for days despite a negative coronavirus test and a virtual doctor visit, she made an appointment to get blood tests in person.

"We were going to go to the doctor for blood tests on Friday and in the middle of the night I heard her collapse in the hallway on her way to the bathroom," Maron recalled through sobs. "And I got up and she was on the floor and she couldn't move. She was conscious but delirious a bit. I called 9-1-1, they came and they got her. And that was the last time I saw her alive, was on the floor, being taken away."

While doctors at two hospitals "tried everything they could" through problems with anemia, low blood pressure and internal bleeding, "they eventually had to let her go."

"They tried everything they could. They took her off life support and she passed away," he said. "I called the ambulance at around five in the morning on Friday and by 12:45 a.m. Saturday she was gone."

Maron was able to visit Shelton in the hospital following her death, a time during which "I told her I loved her, I touched her forehead, and I left."