Julianne Hough Says She and Husband Brooks Laich 'Never Tried' to Have a Baby -- But She Did Freeze Her Eggs

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Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich wanted to make sure parenthood was always an option. The 31-year-old dancer covers the June issue of Women's Health and reveals that she and her husband made the decision to freeze her eggs before trying to get pregnant.

That decision came as a result of her endometriosis diagnosis, which means she may need to undergo IVF in order to get pregnant.

"I think the healthier I am from the inside out -- as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I’m putting into my body -- the better prepared I’ll be when the time comes," she says of possibly becoming a mom. "We never actually tried to get pregnant. It was more of a precautionary measure: Let’s do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs."

While Hough notes that she is interested in becoming a parent, she isn't planning to do so on anyone else's timeline.

"I believe in soul love, whatever that looks like. I kind of don’t believe in labels. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a baby, etc," she says. "It just means that I’ve unplugged from what I feel like I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing."

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Hough and Laich are quarantining separately. During this time, with Hough in Los Angeles and Laich in Idaho, the dancer is making it a point to express gratitude during her daily meals.

"I’m putting effort into what the table looks like," she says. "So that there’s love in it. I’ve been praying before every meal; thanking the grocery store workers."

Julianne Hough