Katy Perry on Learning 'Balance' While Preparing for Motherhood in Quarantine (Exclusive)

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Katy Perry is finding the bright side to spending her pregnancy in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the 35-year-old singer and her fellow American Idol judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, via Zoom, and the mom-to-be opened up about the "necessary balance" she's found during these challenging times.

"This time has brought in a lot of balance, probably necessary balance," she says. "It's actually good for me to prep this kind of mindset, because even after quarantine is done and everyone goes out and celebrates, I'll be probably still at home."

"The crazy thing is everyone's drinking during quarantine, and I'm, like, not. Like, help me," she jokes.

Perry has been spending the quarantine with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, with whom she's expecting her first child.

"I have found a lot of ways to be incredibly grateful and to bond with my family on a deeper level than I ever have," she says. "Rather than just a vacation or a holiday, there's a new foundation that is being laid within families, between partners.  I just think people that are quarantined together will never forget this time."

The singer is also grateful for Bryan and Richie, with whom she has "a little sidebar chat [where] we check in with each other."

"We remembered actually Lionel telling us if the apocalypse ever happens -- this was, like, a couple seasons ago -- just meet me at my house or this special place," Perry recalls. "And so early on in quarantine times, I checked in with Lionel and I was like, 'Are we still good for that? Can we come over?'"

In all seriousness, though, Bryan said that each of the judges has been "kind of looking after each other, looking after each other's families, like friends do" amid COVID-19.