🔒Unexplainable ghost stories from Houston-area residents

HOUSTON – It’s inevitable to sometimes become startled when you hear a weird noise around the house or feel a presence in the room when you’re alone.

Occurrences like that often happen, but these Houston-area residents have had some real-life spooky ghost encounters.

Below are ghost stories shared by KPRC viewers.

Read on if you’re brave enough and make sure your lights are on.

Sarah Sutphin Medina

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“I have ghosts in my house. This was on my window upstairs where no one lives at the moment.”

Jackie C.

My relative is a manager at a funeral home. He said he’s seen things. One time a grieving family at the funeral home came to him to complain about the family next door making too much noise. He told them he’ll take care of it but there was actually no one in the next room. The security cameras in the funeral home also captures floating orbs regularly.

Les Pallett from League City, Texas

"Yes I believe. I've seen a ghost. Back in the early 90s I worked at Maxwell House Coffee in Houston. The original plant was a Ford Model T plant. Well, one night I was working OT around 9 or 10 p.m. I was sitting in the break room. I saw an older gentleman walk past the first of four windows. Each window was about 4 feet by 4 feet in size and was about 3 feet off the ground with about 3 feet of brick in between each window.

The older man walked past the first two windows but never walked past the door leading into the break room or the last two windows. So I kept waiting for this man (who I had never seen before) to continue walking but after a few minutes never did. A few minutes later I decided to walk outside the room to see where he went. When I got outside there was no one there. I thought that was weird but went on about my business. The location of the break room was right next to the time clock so everybody had to walk past.

About a month later I was sitting in the mechanic shop talking to a few of the guys. One guy was telling a story about how him and another gentleman went fishing and caught all these fish. He told me that the picture of him and his buddy was on the wall in the other room. I went over there to check out the picture and saw the guy that had walked past the break room a month earlier but never emerged. When I told the maintenance man about the guy I had seen a month earlier, he told me there was no way. I assured him that that was the exact same guy I saw walk past the break room but never walk all the way past it. He told me that that guy's name was Butch and that he had died five years earlier walking to the time clock. I have no doubt in my mind that this story is true."

Christy Rodgers Collins from Midfield, Texas

"I have had many unexplainable things happen to me, but this is one of them. When I was almost 7, my great grandmother passed away. My mother had just had a baby and couldn't go be with the family to handle things and be at the funeral. The night after she died, I woke up from a dead sleep and I saw her standing in my doorway in her favorite dress which they ended up burying her in. I will always believe it was her checking in on us and saying goodbye."

Lorri Brown

“My son was supposed to be a twin. I lost one of them. A few years ago I was asleep on my couch after taking the kids to the bus. I heard something walk across my floor (I live in a mobile home.) I woke up and saw my son wearing exactly what I put him in for Red Ribbon Week. I saw him walk into my bedroom and yelled at him asking why he was not in school. I got no answer. I went to my room and there was nobody there. My dad always said that when my son stayed at their house he would wake up to my son standing in the doorway, but it was not my son.”

Lyndsey Stephens from Houston

"Was walking my dog in my Grandma's back yard. This was during one of the hurricanes, but a couple of hours before it actually hit. Saw a guy that looked familiar in the neighbor's yard smiling and waving at me. I didn't think anything of it. I smiled and waved back. As I walked back into the house, it hit me: It was my Grandpa. Problem is, he died two years to that exact day. Watching over us, I'm sure."

Cindy Zapata

“My mom passed four years ago and when this last flood happened in September I had to stay at my brother’s house where mama lived, and she used to smoke at night before she went to bed and sometimes have one at around midnight. Well, I could smell a cigarette when I stayed those two nights. Yes, I do believe. Miss you mama.😭”

Patty Salazar

"I saw a woman and child at my mom's home. I was washing dishes and felt someone was behind me, I turn around and see them. I froze, I couldn't scream or move, they just looked at me said nothing. You could see through them. Both dressed like back in the old days like Bonnie and Clyde clothes. Then they slowly disappeared. A very weird experience."

JaNice Bloise from Houston

"I used to work for a night club. When I started working there one day the owner called and asked what I needed. I told him I didn't call him and he said I beeped him but I didn't. The same thing happened with the manager and a few bartenders they called said I called them. One day I told one of the ladies that worked in the main office about the weird things happening and she told me I warned you; you would be hearing weird stuff but it's just the building settling.

While we were talking the head bartender and assistant manager came in and I told her about the phone calls and then she joked maybe it’s David, I asked whose David? She said one of the owner’s brothers, he was killed. Then the name Charlie popped into my head and I told her no, my ghost name is Charlie, they all laughed and one by one left. An hour later she called me and asked if I was sitting down. I said, ‘Yes, why?’ She said she spoke to the owner’s sister (who worked in the main office as well) and that David’s middle name was Charles and the family called him Charlie.”

Mickie Larson

“As a realtor I was showing a house to a young couple with a baby one evening. My daughter and my two-year-old grandson decided to tag along since they had nothing to do. It was late fall so by 7 pm it was already dark. The house was empty but the lights were on and we proceeded to tour the house. Halfway through the tour the couple told me they were feeling odd in the house and I agreed that I was feeling weird but had waited for them to say something. I gathered everyone up in the living room and turned off all other lights getting ready to exit. I made the comment ‘Is everyone here.’ And everyone a answered yes. At which point my grandson says, ‘What about him?’ As he pointed down the dark hallway. We ran out the door and it was all I could do to lock up the house fast enough and leave.”

Sadina Shawver

“Let me tell you (a little) about my mom’s house. There’s not enough character space in the world to write out all the things that happened...

So. Let’s say my Moms house had...issues, yeah? Spirits. Voices. Shadow men. Unexplained phenomena. And possibly the first 3 of four stages of possession. There are even witnesses outside my family that can vouch for the years (almost 20?) of activity.

Let’s talk shadow men. We had a few. Mostly in the back of the house by the bedrooms and lurking in the backyard. One liked to scale the walls and skitter about my room. One had a faint blue tint and rattled windows when confronted. Others just stalked the edges of the house.

Did anyone hear voices? Sure did. My sisters room had that activity in abundance. She said that she’d walk into the room or wake up in the middle of the night and it would sound like a room full of people had suddenly stopped talking. The quiet was so sudden and harsh she just knew there had to be someone there.

We had weird electrical issues too. The electricians said they couldn’t figure out why this would happen. It was mostly my room. In the span of a year every outlet sparked and lost power. But the fan still worked. And the scorch marks showed up without fire. It spread down the hall and into the kitchen over the years.

The weirdest thing though? My Moms room? NEVER had activity. It was a void. Well. Except for the weird mold stain that wasn’t mold (so we were told) that looked like a severed chicken’s head on the ceiling above her bed. That was weird... never figured that one out.”

Jimmy Vo

“(At former Spaghetti Warehouse) a few years back me and a friend went to the second floor. There’s a restroom up there as well and a dining hall with a trolley. It was just us two. I heard what sounded like one of the toilet lids slammed shut. Waited for a few minutes and nobody came out of the restroom. Other than that didn’t experience anything else there.”

Ana Lee

“As a realtor I was showing a house to a young couple with a baby one evening. My daughter and my 2-year-old grandson decided to tag along since they had nothing to do. It was late fall so by 7 p.m. it was already dark. The house was empty, but the lights were on and we proceeded to tour the house. Halfway through the tour, the couple told me they were feeling odd in the house and I agreed that I was feeling weird, but had waited for them to say something. I gathered everyone up in the living room and turned off all other lights getting ready to exit. I made the comment “Is everyone here.” And everyone answered yes. At which point my grandson says, “What about him?” as he pointed down the dark hallway. We ran out the door and it was all I could do to lock up the house fast enough and leave.”

Jackie C.

“A friend worked at an event venue in Houston that has an old ballroom. All the workers there have seen and heard things. She showed me security camera footage of the wine cellar with the bottles falling to the ground. The weird thing was the first bottle to wiggle out and fall was near the bottom of the stack.

Another time she was working a late night and heard who she thought was her manager typing on the computer in the next room. When she popped in there was no one there.

A coworker actually committed suicide on the property while my friend was still working there. Another coworker who hadn’t heard the news came to work a few days later and mentioned he saw the guy just now.”

Also --

“A girl I briefly dated rented one of those 100 year old Victorian homes in Montrose. She said she never believed in ghosts until she moved there. There would be noises in the kitchen and around the house. She and her housemates eventually found an old photo album in the house and even showed me. It had a green cover, the photos were in sepia tone and the people were in Victorian era clothes. The first oval shaped photo was of a woman named Emma. They started to call the ghost Emma and it would respond. Like if the pots and pans were noisy in the morning she would say “not now Emma” and it would stop. Her neighbor across the street said he had over 10 ghosts in his house. Some friendly and some not.”

Christina Reichert

“I have an antique face powder box that plays music when you take the lid off. It likes to play on its own when nobody is near it. I have to keep winding it back up it happens so often lol.”

Chris Garcia

“Shortly after Hurricane Ike I was training in Galveston. We went to a restaurant down off 61st with a trainer. We were treating the walls prior to sheet rock and as I’m walking through I see legs in restaurant next door (Sheetrock was cut about 5′ from floor). At first I thought it was worker protecting the place. I go outside shine flash light through window and see no one. (I learned) this place backed the Calvary Cemetery that’s is said to be haunted.”

Rosie Bermudez

I grew up next to a cemetery. Holy Cross Cemetery and my backyard shared a fence. I would wake up to the feeling of someone in my room and I wasn’t alone. There would a soldiers standing at the foot of my bed in full military uniform. I also would hear the side gate to our fence on side of our house squeaking as it swung upon. It had a u type latch that had to be lifted for it to be opened so it wasn’t the wind blowing it open. I also saw baby cherub angels flying on that same side of my house. I would hear the wings hit the window sometimes look out and see them. I always wondered if our neighborhood was built in a lost part of the cemetery that could have been baby land or something.

Mayra Chavero

“Once as a kids living in Houston tx I lived in a house by the park. As a child I never understand why things would move around the house I never understand why!? So as I got older my brothers and sister would scare me by telling me don’t go to the backyard there is a lady in white always outside when it gets dark. I thought they were trying to scare me. So days went by 1 day I was outside playing at the park with all the kids from the neighborhood, and played for a while and was getting late so I had to go home. As I was walking home I was noticing that I was walking and walking and walking and my house kept getting farther and farther I started to get tired. So then some how I was in the background yard! There is where I seen the lady in white. Let me tell you this lady was one of the most scariest thing I have ever ever seen in my life. Better yet I tell my kids till this day as a mom when we head to my moms house were she is still living in the house I grew up in. DO NOT GO TO THE BACKYARD AT YOUR GRANDMAS HOUSE.”

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