Decision 2020: Battle over expanding vote by mail in Texas during coronavirus pandemic

HOUSTON – There's a big legal fight underway over whether voting by mail in Texas should be expanded.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says no, but the Texas Democratic Party and several voting rights groups say yes. On Tuesday, a federal court judge ruled against the state. Here's a breakdown of where both sides stand.

What is the current law on mail-in ballots?

Right now, you must be 65 or older, have a disability, or be out of town on election day to qualify for a mail-in-ballot.

What is the state’s legal argument against expanding vote by mail?

Attorney General Ken Paxton said he is simply enforcing the law as decided upon by the state legislature.

“The law is pretty clear it doesn’t allow for people to get mail-in ballots for fear of contracting Corona, or anything else,” Paxton said in an interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC Wednesday.

Paxton also claims expanding mail-in balloting will lead to voter fraud.

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