Shop fall savings with these amazing Insider Deals

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These items are sure to be part of our daily routine that will take us from the summer to the fall with ease. To get shopping for these exclusive deals, just scan the qr code on your screen or head over to and look for the Insider Deals.

Shatter-resister glasses

First up – something to add to the enjoyment of entertaining outdoors - we’re going to eat, drink and be merry and in the process likely have a spill or two. But with these Fortessa shatter-resistant glasses we don’t have to worry about that last part... Score the chic look of glass without the possibility of shattering. The vibrant colors add a big pop of fun to any table or patio - outdoors or indoors. And the cherry on top? This material was made for frequent dish washing so it will retain the same great look time after time... So you can say cheers over and over, again. You’ve probably seen this set for as much as $72 but with this exclusive Insider Deal you can get a 6-pack for $16 - a gigantic discount of 78%. Let the partying begin!

Motorized Mop

Now, if you do have a spill - here’s an item that will help you clean it up with ease. These have been so popular, MorningSave recently had to restock inventory. But let’s be real - we know mopping the kitchen and other floors is a messy chore that can take forever to do. Worse yet, it can hurt your arms and back. But now you can spin away dirt the fast and easy way with the Floor Police Motorized Mop! The lightweight and cordless spin mop does all the hard work for you... This is indeed a powerhouse cleaning system. Two spinning mop heads do double-duty and spin the reusable pads to loosen, lift and lock in dirt. Its swivel head moves around obstacles and gets deep under furniture. Use the vertical position to scrub steps or dirty, dusty baseboards without missing a spot. This handy kitchen device is usually $60 but with this amazing Insider Deal you can get it for $29.99 - a huge discount of 50%. But don’t wait - as soon as these are back in stock they get swept up so get your asap.

Champion sunglasses set

It’s always sunglasses season, and Champion has been a big brand that everyone is talking about and we managed to get some of their hottest styles of sunglasses! With this preset pack of 4, there’s a style and look for everyone - both men and women. You don’t come across great sunglasses for less than $10 each and this is the lowest price you’re going to find on this brand. They are impact resistant, durable sunglasses that also offer UV protection and reduce glare. A set like this one is usually as much as $160 (or $40 each) but with this crazy good Insider Deal you can get 4 for $27 - a whopping 83% off.

Quilted Down Comforter

Next up, a comforter that will take you through all of the seasons... The Mea Cama all-season quilted down alternative comforter is just what we’re all looking for. This customer favorite on MorningSave is plush enough to keep you cozy in the cooler months, yet light enough to keep you comfy during the hotter months. Baffle-box construction prevents the filling from shifting, eliminating that annoying need to fluff your comforter regularly - and it features a super soft 100% microfiber, machine washable case. You may have seen this comforter for as much as $80 but with this exclusive Insider Deal you can get warm and cozy for $24.99 - a huge discount of 69%.

To get shopping, just click the link here and look for Insider Deals. Remember these are only available while supplies last, so don’t miss out. Happy shopping and happy saving!