Track your habits and moods + more with this affordable productivity app

If you're looking for a new way to stay healthy and organized, consider a productivity app like Lunatask. (StackCommerce)

If you’ve been focusing on your mental health this year and you’ve got the healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising down but now you want to focus on your mood and habits, a journal is a great place to start. A journal is more than just writing down your feelings, it’s also a great place to write down your tasks, moods and even your daily habits.

If you’re looking for a new way to stay healthy and organized, why not consider a productivity app like Lunatask? Lunatask is the perfect productivity app for busy people that want to manage their mental health and establish good habits — and right now you can get a lifetime subscription for just $59.

Lunatask is an all-in-one privacy-focused to-do list, notebook, habit and mood tracker, daily journal, and Pomodoro timer. It remembers all the hard stuff for you and it knows what to work on next.

With this app, you can stay productive and inspired, release stress and anxiety, and track your progress and mood in real-time. With all your daily tasks, to-dos, thoughts, and ideas in one place, you’ll be able to stay calm anytime and anywhere. You can choose from a variety of production techniques to get stuff actually done instead of just thinking about it.

You can create lists with the smart to-do list that automatically sorts your tasks based on age, priority, and estimated time needed to accomplish them. There’s a calendar + time blocking feature that allows you to connect your calendars to see meetings and calls for the day directly next to your tasks.

You can build healthy habits and track how you feel and even make notes or entries into your encrypted secure journal.

If you’re ready to live better, do more and get more done in a more meaningful way, don’t wait to grab the best productivity app around! Get the Lunatask Premium: Lifetime Subscription on sale for only $49. That’s a nice savings of 72% off the regular price of $180 but only for a limited time.

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