Protect your vaccination card from damage with this clear card keeper

Keep your vaccine card safe and sound with this protective transparent cover.
Keep your vaccine card safe and sound with this protective transparent cover. (StackCommerce)

Let’s face it: the COVID-19 vaccination cards are too big for our wallets. And no one really knows why they’re such an inconvenient size. Lamination isn’t a feasible option, especially when it’s time to get a booster shot. Keep your vaccine card safe and sound with a protective transparent cover from Electronic Avenue. Right now, you can get a four-pack for just $9.99.

This PVC vinyl carrier is 3-inch by 4-inch — just the right size for your card. Keep your proof of vaccination safe and handy with this compact cover. Electronic Avenue specializes in electronics, watches, and chargers, and this vaccine card keeper matches their quality and affordability.

As more businesses and venues require proof of vaccination for entry, your vaccination card isn’t something you want to throw in a drawer or lose in your house. Keep it in your car, your bag, or your pocket without creasing or wearing it out with this handy card keeper. That way, you’ll be ready for every movie theater, concert, doctor’s visit, comedy show, bar, etc.

While there are ways to get a replacement card if it’s lost or damaged, the process can be a hassle. Keep your one card safe instead. Don’t try to fold it up in your wallet or put it loose in your back pocket, only to accidentally put it through the wash. Ensure that you have your card with you when you need it and that it’s protected from creasing, folding, water, and discoloration. Plus, it’ll be easier to remember where your card is when it’s more than just a slip of paper, and when you know you’re taking good care of it.

Get a four-pack of these card carriers on sale for just $9.99, at $2.50 per card. Supply your whole family with the Vaccinated Card Keeper, a convenient way to access and protect COVID-19 vaccination cards.

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