Where to eat for National Fried Chicken Day

HOUSTON – By Noah Fromson - Staff

Throw shame out the window for a day. Tell your diet you need your space to experience more “self-growth.” It’s time to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day.


You may not be as excited as Mr. Bean, but in honor of the special day, we asked our Facebook audience to help us pick the best fried chicken spots in Houston. We split it up into categories, and here’s what we came up with!

Pick one and celebrate National Fried Chicken Day in its grease-covered glory.

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This stuff isn’t A-list in terms of appearance, but it will satisfy your fried chicken needs and will do it quickly.


Frenchy’s is the top fast food pick. This chicken shack always has a line – and for good reason. Its fried chicken has satisfied Houston customers since 1969 with its creole-style cuisine. Add sides of jambalaya and dirty rice to tie a ribbon on your holiday meal.


Of the chicken joints with drive-thrus, Popeye’s reigns supreme. The beauty of this Louisiana fast-food chain is that it tastes the same in Houston! And the chicken is just slightly juicier and more savory than the KFC and Church’s competition.


Known for its "flavor-to-the-bone" fried chicken recipe, Pollo Campero is fried chicken with a twist. Often served with rice and beans or tortillas, Pollo Campero does chicken a little different.

In celebration of this sacred foodie day, they are offering a three-day deal. Through Friday, customers can get 50 percent off of a two-piece, three piece, half-chicken or Camperitos meal with a voucher at participating restaurants.


Now there are a lot of sit-down places in the Houston area with excellent fried chicken, but these two topped our list.



Last year we gave this place a 100 percent on our restaurant report card, and the viewers agreed: Barbecue Inn is a prime choice for your holiday celebrations. It’s been featured on Thrillist, NBC News and Urban Spoon for its quality chicken. You have to wait 25-30 minutes for your food, but the cooked-to-order entrees are absolutely worth it.


Max’s takes comfort food and the gourmet experience and mixes them just the right amount. While you’re waiting for your chicken, it offers a wide selection of wines and other drinks to make fried chicken fancy. And if you get there today, you can buy one fried chicken plate and get one free!


If you feel you’ve exhausted all the fried chicken options in town (which we doubt), don’t worry! Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is reportedly coming to Houston next year.

via GIPHY Touted by GQ as some of the world’s best fried chicken, this popular Memphis-based restaurant is set to open in spring of 2017.