Ask Amy: New HOA laws in Texas

Neighborhood homeowner’s associations are meant to keep a community looking good and running right. But people often complain they overstep or some say their HOAs don’t do anything at all.

Some of that may change. There are several new laws in Texas that impact the way HOAs are run.

Not all HOA’s are bad but now there are several new laws in Texas that will impact every community with an HOA.

Law about HOA and liens - House Bill 886

The first new law (HB 886) has to do with what happens when you don’t pay fines and fees. The HOA can place a lien on your home. In rare cases, it could mean the HOA forces the sale of your home to collect the money owed.

House Bill 886 sets certain mandates all HOAs must do before going through the lien process. In part, they have to give the homeowner at least three warnings before the lien is placed.

This is meant to help with communication and give homeowners clearer guidelines for paying off the debt.

Law about HOA fines and fees

House Bill 614 is known as the “fines and enforcement policy”. This law requires all HOAs to detail the types of rules and the schedule of fines.

HOAs must explain rules and “reasonable” fines in these categories:

  • property maintenance and repair
  • individual misconduct, and
  • matters affecting health and safety

This must also include information about hearings. This law goes into effect Jan.1, 2024.

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