Just a few clicks: 3 of the easiest ways to return online purchases

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy, never has it been so easy to get whatever you want with just a few clicks of your mouse and a credit card number. But returning unwanted items can be misery. Printing labels, finding receipts, and then there’s packing it all up and shipping it back. Investigator Bill Spencer has three of the easiest ways to return online purchases to save us all stress, time, and money.

Michael Garfield, the High-Tech Texan, says online retailers have got to start making returns easier or face losing their customers.

“If these companies can make it simple, very simple for consumers to return it, they’re going to keep buying, The more hurdles that consumers have to jump through it’s probably the last time those consumers are going to order from that company,” said Garfield.

In fact, one study found 80% of online shoppers said they’d be less likely to shop from a retailer who makes returns difficult.

“Don’t make me print, don’t make my box, please don’t make me wait to get my money back. I just want to bring my item in and drop it off and get my refund,” said David Sobie, Co-founder of Happy Returns by PayPal.

David Sobie is the co-founder of Happy Returns, a company he created to make online returns both free and easy as possible with more than 500 online retail partners.

Find a place where you can just drop off your item

Using Happy Returns, Bill Spencer returned a shirt he bought online. All he had to do was punch the order number into the app and request a return. They give you a whole map with different locations to drop off the return. Bill ended up at Ulta where he just brought in the item, showed a QR code, and left. He even got a $5 coupon from Ulta to spend at the store!

Have someone pick up the return for you

Walmart is also taking online returns to a new comfort level. Walmart Plus members can request at-home pick-up on their returns so you never even leave your house. A pick-up driver comes directly to your front door and gets the item. You don’t have to wrap it, pack it or label it.

Consider a central return location near you

And the world’s largest retailer Amazon, also cutting the misery factor on online returns. They’ll send you a QR code that you have on your phone. You take that to an Amazon returns location like Whole Foods, UPS, or Amazon locker. With this option, you also do not need to wrap up or pack the item.

Another way to make returns easier is to always keep your receipts and keep the original packaging.

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