How prime members can save money with every Amazon order

How prime members can save money with every Amazon order
How prime members can save money with every Amazon order

HOUSTON – If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you know two-day shipping rarely means you’ll get your order in two days anymore. The company claims the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shipping delays for the last year. But there are some ways you can make up for the service you’ve already paid for if you know how to shop.

Take the No-Rush Shipping Credit

At check-out, Amazon gives Prime members three delivery options:

  • Free Prime delivery that may or may not make it in two days
  • Free Amazon Day delivery that takes about a week
  • Free No Rush shipping that takes about a week and a half

Choosing the last “no rush” option gets you a $1 reward you can use for digital purchases on Amazon like Kindle books, renting and buying movies and music. Sure, it’s just $1, but Kyle James of the Rather Be Shopping says you can accumulate those rewards rather quickly.

“You can use it on every single item you order,” James said. “So let’s say you’re ordering six different items. Just place six separate orders, and you’re going to get $6 in credit. And typically, all of the stuff is still gonna come in the same box to you.”

Even though it may take a week and a half for your items to get to you, James said they typically arrive much sooner.

Reload Amazon Gift Card to get $10

When you reload $100 or more on to an Amazon gift card balance, you’ll get a free $10 bonus.

It only works the first time you reload a gift card. If you know you’ll be spending $100 on Amazon anyway, this one is a no-brainer.

To see all of the details of how to take advantage of these two deals, check out the post on Rather Be Shopping.

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