New Plano business creates online marketplace for Buc-ee’s snacks

Buc-ee's Beaver nuggets.
Buc-ee's Beaver nuggets.

HOUSTON – Out-of-state Texans can be reunited with their favorite Buc-ee’s snacks much easier now.

If you’ve ever visited Buc-ee’s website, you may have been disappointed to discover an online marketplace for its products doesn’t exist.

“As a Texan, it would be my dream to help Buc-ee’s sell their delicious snacks online,” Plano entrepreneur Chris Koerner said. “But the Buc-ee’s founders will not answer my emails, so I took matters into my own hands.”

This week Koerner launched, an online third-party reseller of Buc-ee’s products.

Its inventory includes every Buc-ee’s labeled snack. There are 282 to be exact, Koerner told KPRC 2. From jams and jellies to jerky and Beaver Nuggets, has it all.

According to Texas Monthly, the entrepreneur was inspired by a similar venture, Pirate Joe’s, which resold Trader Joe’s products to consumers residing in areas where the company has no stores.

Though Pirate Joe’s shut down in 2017, after a lawsuit from Trader Joe’s, Koerner believes explicitly stating that he’s a reseller, unaffiliated with Buc-ee’s, protects him, Texas Monthly reports.

“Selling a new product is protected under first-sale doctrine, but if you imitate them, you can get in trouble,” Koerner told Texas Monthly. “So we put on every single product [page] that we aren’t Buc-ee’s, we pay what you’d pay at Buc-ee’s, we’re just big fans, and we just resell their products.”

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