Before you buy anything else online, check the store’s new COVID-19 return policy

HOUSTON – While staying home, you may find yourself shopping online more frequently. But before you click “add to cart” again, you’ll want to check out the retailer’s return policy. Since the pandemic, many have changed. Depending on when you made a purchase and where, you may be stuck with the items you order. That’s what happened to Linda Ljuljdjuraj at CVS.

New 'No returns’ policy could leave customers with unwanted merchandise

“I purchased some eyebrow scissors, and they were damaged,” Ljuljdjuraj explained. “I went back to return them within an hour and I was told they’re not doing any returns. I asked what the reason was and they said, “the COVID virus,” but they gave nothing as far as when you’d be able to return them, or would you ever able to return them.”

A price of $18 for brow scissors wouldn’t break the bank, but the $1,500 Ljuljdjuraj spent on chairs at Pier 1 back in March before stores closed was a bigger pill for her to swallow.

“I went to Pier 1, I purchased 12 chairs,” Ljuljdjuraj said. “I needed to see which ones would work. We’re building a new house, and six worked, six didn’t work.”

She planned to return those six to Pier 1 for a refund.

“I went to return them, and the young lady who also helped me when I was purchasing them said, ‘We are not doing any more returns,’” Ljuljdjuraj recalled. “And the same reason. I said, 'Well, what do I do with all these chairs that I have in my car?’”

Pier 1 is not the only retailer that has changed its return policy during the coronavirus outbreak.

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