Ask Amy: What to do if your new car purchase comes with an interest rate surprise


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I love shopping, with one exception: shopping for cars causes me anxiety. Why? When it comes to money and the numbers, it seems like it’s meant to be confusing.

This week, we told you the Houston Better Bureau is getting a lot of complaints about new car dealerships. Customers say their biggest beef is that they picked out a car, agreed to finance it and even signed a contract… only to find out later that they got a much higher interest rate than they thought they were getting.  How the heck does that happen? 

When you buy a new car and agree to finance through the dealership, it may take the dealer some time to find a bank to take your loan at the agreed upon terms. If the dealer allows you to take the vehicle home before they have found a lender, they will ask you to sign a “conditional delivery agreement.”

By state law, the dealer may take up to 15 days to look for a lender. If they can not find one, because of your employment history or credit, they may ask you to bring your new car back. If they do find one, but the interest rate is not to your liking, you are under no obligation to keep the vehicle. You can return it and get your trade-in and any down payment you made back. 

Once you sign a “retail installment sales contract,” you are locked into the terms of the loan in that contract. The dealer is also locked in. If the dealer signed this contract and then failed to get you a loan with the interest rate on the contract, the dealer is obligated to collect the payments and be the lender.

If you believe a dealership has changed the terms of the loan on your retail installment sales contract and they are asking you to come back and sign a new one, you need to file a complaint with the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner.

You can do that online or by calling the Consumer Assistance Helpline and speaking with one of the agency’s investigators at (800) 538-1579. To avoid all of this craziness and uncertainty, you could try to get approved for a loan at a credit union or with your bank before you go to the dealership. Then you will be paying for the vehicle in full. You don’t have to worry about these shenanigans on the back end.

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