4 steps to help you save on your prescription medicine

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HOUSTON – Prescription drug prices are constantly changing. If there is a drug you refill regularly or even a new one you only need for a short time, it pays to shop around.

Take these four steps to get the best price on any medication: 

1) If it's a new prescription, ask your doctor if there is a generic version of the drug. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the brand name medicine.

2) Ask your doctor to give you the prescription instead of calling it in to a specific pharmacy. Make sure you can easily read the drug name, strength and dosage on the prescription.

3) Check prescription drug comparison websites like these: 

4) After you find the pharmacies with the lowest prices from one of websites above, call and ask how much the medication will cost if you pay out-of-pocket and the price if you use your insurance. Do not inquire about the insurance price first. Some pharmacies will tell you they can not give you the cash price after you've disclosed that you have insurance coverage.

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