Here are dentists in Houston that won't break your budget

HOUSTON – Dental work can be expensive, especially if you don't have insurance or you have a plan that doesn't cover all of the work you need. That shouldn't stop you from taking care of your teeth.  

Consumer expert Amy Davis found dozens of clinics that offer services for a fraction of the cost of a regular dentist office.

Students and faculty at the UTHealth School of Dentistry treated more than 70,000 patients last year, from children to seniors, performing everything from general cleanings and braces, to oral surgery. All services performed by students are supervised by faculty. The only downside to getting services at a dental school is that appointments will take longer, about two to three hours.

"It's a win-win for both because the patients get good quality service supervised by specialist and professional faculty members; and the students also get the benefits because it's a learning experience for them," said Dario Cardenas, DDS of the UT Health School of Dentistry.      

You have to make an appointment to find out if the school can treat you and how much the work would cost. 

At the Pima Medical Institute Community Dental Clinic on the Katy Freeway near Memorial City, teeth cleanings start at $19.95 and dental sealants are just $11 each. Pima services are open to everyone, regardless of income. 

Here is a list of low-cost or no-cost clinics in the Houston area. 

UTHealth School of Dentistry Student and Resident Clinics
7500 Cambridge St.

Pima Medical Community Dental Clinic
11125 Equity Drive
Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77041
Open Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

San Jose Clinic
2615 Fannin Street 
(713) 228-9411

To receive services at San José Clinic, low-income, uninsured individuals and families must first complete an eligibility interview. Those who qualify for services will receive a patient account that provides them access to services.

Eligibility interviews are conducted on a walk-in basis from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary.

For details on what you need to bring with you, click here

Lyons Clinic Houston Dental Clinic- Legacy Community Health 
3811 Lyons Ave.
(832) 548-5400 

Eastwood Health Center 
412 Telephone Rd. 
(713) 660-1880 

Healthcare for the Homeless- SEARCH Clinic 
1934 Caroline Street 
(713) 276-3079 

Houston Dental Clinic- Bering Omega 
1427 Hawthorne Street 
(713) 341-3790 

John S. Dunn Health Center 
7635 Canal Street 
(713) 660-1880 

Houston Community Health Center- Denver Harbor Clinic 
242 Hahlo Street 
(713) 343-5502

MLK Dental Clinic 
8610 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 
(713) 734-0199

Riverside Clinic
3315 Delano Street 
(713) 333-1337 

Legacy Community Health Montrose Clinic 
1415 California Street 
(832) 548-5100 

Baker Ripley Clinic- Legacy Community Health 
6500 Rookin Street, Bldg B. Ste 200
(713) 351-7350 

Central Care Integrated Health Services- Acres Home Clinic
1102 Pinemont Drive
(281) 822-0900 

Magnolia Health Center 
7037 Capitol Street 
(713) 660-1880 

Southeast Health Center 
5901 Long Drive
(713) 660-1880 

Bee Busy Wellness Center- Main Location 
8785 West Bellfort Ave. 
(713) 771-2292

Bee Busy Wellness Center- Satellite Location 
9896 Bissonnet Street 
(713) 774-8800

City of Houston Dental Bureau

La Nueva Casa de Amigos        
1809 N. Main     
Houston, TX  77009       

Sharpstown Health
6201 Bonhomme Rd Ste. 350     
Houston, TX 77036        

Northside Health Center           
8504 Schuller Road       
Houston, TX 77093        

9314 Cullen Blvd.          
Houston, TX 77051        

Antoine Health Clinic
5815 Antoine     
Houston, TX 77091        

Harris Health Systems

Acres Homes    
818 Ringold      
Houston, TX 77088        

Settegast Dental           
9105 N. Wayside           
Houston, TX 77028        

Aldine Dental 
4755 Aldine Mail Rt.       
Houston, TX 77039        

Vallbona Dental (formerly People's)      
6630 DeMoss    
Houston, TX 77074        

Strawberry Dental         
927 Shaw Road 
Pasadena, TX 77506      

Gulfgate Dental 
7550 Office City Dr.       
Houston, TX 77012        

Harris Dental Center   
5230 Griggs Rd.            
Houston, TX 77021        

Martin Luther King, Jr Dental Center  
3550 Swingle     
Houston, TX 77047

El Franco Lee Dental    
8901 Boone Rd.            
Houston, TX 77099

IBN Sina Foundation    

Beaumont/Port Arthur 
Community Dental Clinic         
8599 Ninth Avenue         
Port Arthur, TX77642     

Clear Lake Community Dental Center
15132 Old Galveston Rd            
Houston, TX 77598        

North Sheperd Community Dental Center         
5012 North Sheperd Dr  
Houston, TX 77018        

South Post Oak Community Dental Center       
16345 S Post Oak Rd    
Houston, TX 77053        

Wilcrest Community Dental Center
11226S. Wilcrest Dr       
Houston, TX 77099        

Houston Community College
1900 Pressler    
Houston, TX 77030        

Hope Clinic      
3373 Hwy 6       
Alvin, TX 77511

MD Anderson Cancer Center (Services for patients with oral cancer diagnosis)            
1515 Holcombe Blvd.    
Houston, TX 77030        

Tomagwa Healthcare Ministries            
455 School St, Suite 30 
Tomball, TX 77375         

Vecino Health Centers

Airline Children's Clinic           
5808 Airline Dr.  
Houston, TX 77076        

Pasadena Health Center           
908 Southmore # 180     
Pasadena, TX 77502      

Spring Branch Community Health Center         
8575 Pitner Road           
Houston, TX 77055        

Texas Mission of Mercy 

TMOMs are designed to bring dental services to individuals who cannot obtain care any other way. TMOM patients are seen on a first come, first served basis. Although the date and the city of each event may be posted on this website, the physical location will not be disclosed until two weeks before each event. In order to have the best chance of receiving treatment, we recommend patients lining up by 5 AM. Check this link frequently for the next date in our area. 


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