Welcome to the party, America: Buc-ee's tops new list for cleanest gas station bathroom in nation


HOUSTON – You’re finally on that Texas road trip you’ve been planning for months, but about two hours in it hits you – the call of nature.

The last road sign said the closest gas station is 20 miles away, but the thought of going into one of *those* bathrooms makes you want to hold it for the rest of your trip (or pull over and just go on the side of the road). 

But then, like a beacon of hope, you see a giant billboard advertising what every Texan knows to be the place to go – Bucc-ee’s.

If you’ve been there, then you are in agreement with the rest of the state (and the nation), according to a new GasBuddy study.

The study used data pulled from GasBuddy ratings and reviews to determine which gas stations have the cleanest bathrooms in each state, and for Texas the answer was Buc-ee’s (of course).

According to the study, the rest of the nation agreed, because the beloved convenience store chain clenched the top spot as the highest rated gas station bathrooms across the U.S.

We’re glad the rest of America truly understands the greatness that is Buc-ee’s.

Now excuse us while we track down some Beaver Nuggets.

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