Which cleaning hacks really work?

HOUSTON – Have you ever seen this video that shows shaving cream removing spaghetti sauce from carpet?  It looks amazing if it actually works.

To find out, consumer expert Amy Davis smeared spaghetti sauce on a light-colored carpet and then smoothed shaving cream on top of the stain, just like in the video. The cream set for 15 minutes, but when Davis wiped it off, the bright red sauce stain was still there.

Davis tried the shaving cream hack for a second time -- this time with ketchup. She blotted as much of the ketchup up as possible and then massaged the shaving cream into the carpet. This time the cream had better results, but there was still a light pink stain on the carpet.

What about stuck-on messes and burned pans? The same video shows sliced celery and boiling water working its magic on the mess, but when Davis recreated the nasty pan and celery hack, the stuck-on mess didn't slide out like in the video.

Next, she tried a dryer sheet and water. She let it sit overnight and then boiled it the next morning.  
A little more of the mess came out, but it still wasn't clean at all. 

She tried soaking the pan overnight with Dawn dish soap and water, but the food still didn't come off.

Davis' fourth and final attempt to clean the pan involved baking soda and vinegar. It took some elbow grease to scrub the tough charred spots, but it was worth it when the pan came out sparkling.