As seen on TV Tuesday: The best, worst products of 2018

HOUSTON – Every Tuesday morning, we show you a different gadget or product with the "As Seen on TV" logo. We try it out for you to show you if actually works.

This year will mark the fifth year we'll be testing products for the segment, but before we move on we want to show you the best and worst products of 2018. 

Dozens of volunteers tested 28 products. Eleven passed and 15 failed. Two of the products, the Dust Daddy and the Bug Zapper were just ... meh.

In the kitchen, Egglettes, the clever cooking contraption that lets you boil eggs without the shell, was a winner. As was the NutriSlicer, that lets you easily slice fruits and veggies, and the Robotwist that helps open jars and bottles. 

We tested four products for pets and came out two for four. The Fur Wizard was a wiz at picking up pet hair; and the Lucky Leash would work well for small dogs. In contrast, the Pet-ture Perfect Treat Launcher did not improve pet photos; and the Fluff n Puff was just a lot of hot air. 

Three out of five beauty products we tested got a thumbs up, including the Air Curler that can curl your hair with no iron for just $21.99. The Glam Twirl was not so glamorous. 

In products for use around the house, don't bother with the Measure King, the Lint Lizard, the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener or the Chill Chest. 

Since 2015, we have tested 134 "As Seen on TV" products. If you see a product you would like us to test this year, send an email to adavis@kprc.com.