Tips on how to fly through airport security

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HOUSTON – You've planned out your entire trip, but what you didn't expect was the two-hour wait at airport security. There are some ways to get past those long lines. 

If you fly frequently or have a trip coming up, you should download the My TSA app. It gives you 24/7 access to airport security information. You can find out the current wait times at your airport. If you don't want to wait in that long line at all, you've got some options.

You've probably seen the signs for the TSA's Pre-check program. Did you know a five-year membership only costs around $85 or $17 a year? It lets you speed through your own security line without removing your shoes, laptop or liquids.

More than 90 percent of Pre-check passengers reported wait times of less than five minutes. If you have children 12 and under, one child per parent enrolled in the Pre-check program can go through. If your child is 13 or older, they have to buy their own membership. 

The Global Entry program is good for international travel. It costs $100 for an application fee. You provide detailed paperwork about your travel history, have an interview with customs and provide your fingerprints. In exchange, you just scan your fingerprints and passports at kiosks instead of waiting in immigration lines. 

The free Mobile Passport app also saves users the time and hassle of filling out paper declaration forms. It can be used at more than 25 airports.

Some credit card companies like Chase and American Express offer credits to customers who charge the Global Entry fee to their cards.

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