Easy Halloween costumes for any budget

HOUSTON – Halloween is one week from today. If still need to outfit yourself or your little ghouls and goblins, you don't have to spend a small fortune. 

Thrift stores are always a good bet, but if you don't have time to hunt and peck through racks and racks of clothing, you need to check out Flamingo Vintage Pound.

Leather, sequins, plaid, whatever you need, you can find it neatly organized at one of the store's three locations inside the 610 loop. 

2814 S Shepherd
2620 S Shepherd
2542 Amherst (Rice Village)

"We have formal dresses. We have Halloween costumes, and we have people that come in that just love vintage clothing," explained Blanca, who works at the Rice Village location.  
You pay what your items weigh. Leather and heavy wool coats are $6.99 a pound. Sweaters and denim are $9.99 a pound, and lightweight clothing is $12.99 a pound. 

"We sell a lot of sequin clothing for holiday events, New Year's and especially fur coats. We do carry real fur coats," said Blanca.  

Consumer expert Amy Davis found dozens of sports jerseys, blue jean overalls, vans and cowboy boots. 

If you want something even easier, drop into any 99 Cents Only Store (https://99only.com/). You can make your kid a black cat or a tiger for about $3 with a nose, tail and ears. 

They have a big selection of hats, gloves, tights, masks and a ton of accessories all at about $1 or $2. You'll even find costumes for your four-legged friends.