Is the 'Lucky Leash' worth the money?

HOUSTON – If you've got a dog, you've probably found yourself searching for its leash, so you could take it for a walk. There's a product that claims to help with that dilemma -- a dog collar and leash that never come off.

The Lucky Leash is a retractable leash built into the dog collar, so you can never lose it. Leon Henry and his dog, Rebel, agreed to give the $19.99 product a try.

"Want to go for a walk?" Henry asked Rebel. The Australian shepherd immediately ran to the front door. "Where's your leash?" Henry asked.

Henry usually attaches a leash he's had to modify with a rope just to give Rebel more room to run.

"He's a very hyperactive Australian shepherd," Henry said. "He doesn't understand slow. So it's go, go, go, all the time." 

Rebel is accustomed to four walks a day, and Henry was hopeful that the Lucky Leash might help speed up those walks by skipping the step of clipping the leash on the collar before each walk.

The package says the leash extends to almost 57 inches. 

The collar clipped on Rebel easily enough. Henry just pulled the retractable leash right out. 

"Alright, Rebel. Let's give it a try," he said.  

When Rebel walked, the Lucky Leash was just fine. But when he took off, the leash snapped him backward. It wasn't long enough to let Rebel sprint ahead. 

"Not for Rebel," Henry said. "But for older dogs that don't run, it would be a thumbs up, definitely."  

The handle for the leash snaps right onto the collar, held in place by magnets. Henry says this feature would absolutely be worth $19.99 if it were longer.

"It's worth that probably for a dog that's not as excited as him or as rambunctious as this boy is all the time," he said.

The Lucky Leash comes in small, medium and extra large, depending on the size of your pet.

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