Can the 'Dust Daddy' remove dust in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies?

HOUSTON – No matter how often you clean, dust and debris settles into the most hard-to-reach areas like air vents, shades and blinds. Consumer expert Amy Davis found an As Seen on TV product that claims it can get to the dust and remove it.

Dust Daddy is a vacuum attachment that claims to be perfect for those areas where your regular vacuum hose attachments just can't reach. David bought it for $19.99. 

To use the Dust Daddy, you will need a vacuum with a hose. Davis attached the device onto the end of her Shark vacuum and opened two very messy drawers in her kitchen. Her junk drawer is littered with small screws, erasers and business cards. At the bottom of the clutter are dust, debris and pencil shavings. If she used a regular vacuum wand, it would suck up all of the little objects as well as the dirt. The Dust Daddy vacuumed up just the tiny pieces that fit into the small suction tubes on the device. 

Those tubes don't have as much suction as Davis thought they would, but they also did a decent job removing the salt and other spilled seasonings from the bottom of her spice drawer, leaving the small condiment packets.

At work, Davis used the device to clean her keyboard. The small tubes got down between the keys where a ton of dust and crumbs had settled.

"I think my keyboard does look pretty good," said Davis. "But now, a lot of the particles get stuck inside there. See like the little dirt things in there," she said, showing pieces of debris caught inside the plastic tubes. The instructions say you can use your vacuum to just suction that debris out, but Davis was not successful when she tried.

Overall, she gives the Dust Daddy a "C". It doesn't fail. Lugging around your full-size vacuum to clean out your cup holders in your car or any other space is somewhat inconvenient, but it does work as advertised.