EZTag customers mistakenly billed for using some toll roads

HOUSTON – The Harris County Toll Road Authority alerted Channel 2 to a big problem. It says many of its EZTag customers are getting erroneous bills for using TxDOT’s Grand Parkway, or other TxDOT-operated toll roads,  between January and April 2018. Those transactions should have posted to customers EZTag accounts, but an error in TxDOT’s system billed them instead.  A similar issue occurred last year. HCTRA says it worked diligently on customers’ behalf to resolve that issue with TxDOT. 

TxDOT says it is working hard to identify what is causing the issue and to correct it. The agency shared this message: 

“For those customers with a valid EZ Tag account who were billed by TxTag, please disregard the bill. Please note, there is no need to contact TxTag or the Harris County Toll Road Authority regarding these tolls.”

You can read the full news release from HCTRA. Save a copy for your records should you have difficulties with the erroneous charges down the road.