2 Clears the Clutter: How to keep your computer and phone running fast

It is time to clear the digital clutter that slows you and your devices down. 

From Facebook to Instagram and email, every app or program you put on your computer can slow it down. And even day-to-day browsing on the web leaves its mark. 

"I would clear my cache at least on a monthly basis," Tony Coronado said. 

He owns Houston Computer Repair Experts and said most customers don't do any maintenance on their computers. 

He said some customers would bring their machine in after five years and it had never been cleaned. After a while it will cause the machine to run slowly, bogging down the machine because the folder is getting so full. He said the easiest way to do the job yourself is to download C-Cleaner.

It's a free program that will remove unnecessary files and your browsing history from your computer in as little as one minute. 

You can pay $24.95 for the upgrade, but Coronado said you don't need to. 

Check your computer for apps that are constantly running in the background, even before you click on them.

To do that, on computers with a windows operating system, click on the Start Windows icon. In the search tab, type in "msconfig," then click the start-up tab. You'll see a list of start-up items. If there is a check mark there, it means that app or program is starting every time you start up your computer. Uncheck them and restart your computer. 

For Android smartphones, Coronado recommends the free Clean Master app