As Seen On TV Tuesday: Sleep Styler

HOUSTON – Who doesn't want to wake up with perfectly styled hair? No blow drying. No hot curlers. No flat irons.

The makers of the "Sleep Styler" product, which was a hit on the TV show "Shark Tank," claim that if you put the foam rollers on before you go to bed, you'll wake up looking like you just stepped out of a salon.

KPRC 2 social media guru Amanda Cochran tried it out.

"I hardly ever curl my hair," Cochran said. "I don't spend a lot of time on my hair each day."

She's a no-fuss, some-frill kind of gal with some concerns going in. 

"I've had horror stories with the sponge rollers, and I would wake up in the morning for school and my hair would be wet," Cochran said.  "Nightmares. I don't want to repeat it." 

Cochran put mousse in her hair that was 80% per the directions. She then followed the eight steps. 

"Roll hair away from your face," she read as she twisted her hair around one of the rollers.  

The tighter you wrap your hair, the tighter the curls come in the morning. There were no complaints from Amanda at bedtime. 

"I would say they're more comfortable than traditional rollers," she said as she laid down on her pillow with the the "Sleep Styler" in her hair.   

The package comes with eight rollers, but Cochran only needed seven for her hair.

When she took them all out in the morning, the grimace on her face said it all. 

"It's definitely more volume than I usually have in the morning, but I'm not sure if I like this kind of volume," Cochran said.

She described her curls as crunchy from the mousse, and some sections of her hair were still damp.

Overall, she did think she got the same waves she saw on the packaging of the product. 

"This is like a mess," she said. "I would definitely not buy this for $29.99. I would think it was a big waste of money, and I would throw it through the yard." 

Davis thought Cochran just may have not liked the style, so she tried The "Sleep Styler" on herself. These pictures show the before and after results.

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