5 tips to get the most out of your car’s A/C

How to cool down your car without wasting gas
How to cool down your car without wasting gas

HOUSTON – It is so hot outside that the air conditioning in our vehicles is working overtime to keep us cool. However, you could be using your A/C system all wrong.

Consumer Reports has some tips to cool your car faster and save gas. Researchers said you should not pre-cool your car. Your A/C works better when you’re driving. They recommended you should crank up the fan when you start driving and open just the rear windows for 10 to 20 seconds. This will force the hot air out of the car.

Keep your A/C at the lowest temperature and only adjust the fan when you get hot or cold. Changing the temperature forces the system to reheat the air, and that burns more gas.

Don't recirculate the air if you have passengers in the backseat. That mode will keep everyone in the front cool, but testers said air in the back gets stale and hot.

Turn off the stop-start system if you have a newer vehicle. It may save gas, but it also shuts off your a/c when you're at a long stoplight or stuck in traffic.

Lastly, make sure your A/C filter is clean to keep the air flowing well.


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