Where to find semi-secret websites hidden on Amazon

There are some 300 million Amazon users. Of those in the U.S., 80 percent order something from the online retailer at least once a month. But even if you shop the site regularly, you might not know about two semi-secret websites hidden within Amazon's main page. Consumer expert Amy Davis is sharing the deals you didn't know existed.

You can't easily find Amazon Outlet or Amazon's deal of the day sites by searching for them on the site. It's a lot like browsing at Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx. You never know what you're going to find, but you can usually bet it's a good deal.

Here is how you get to the pages:

On Amazon's main page, at the very top click on "Today's Deal."  Then click on "Outlet." Hundreds of products pop up, some up to 70 percent and more off regular prices. There is everything from 14 karat gold bangle bracelets to blood pressure monitors.

The lowest priced item when we checked was a $5 dash mount for your smart phone in the car.

Make sure you comparison shop to confirm you're getting a deal.

An Allezola 7.5 inch stainless steel chef's knife was $24.99 on Amazon's Outlet when we checked.  The next cheapest place we found it was Ebay for $55.91.

Snatch that up, because the deals sometime last days, sometimes only minutes.

Now go back to that "Today's Deals" link to find items marked "Deal of the Day." There you can find more items discounted in flash sales. You will rarely find name-brand products on these pages. There is also an "open box and used" section under Amazon's Today's Deals. Many of these are refurbished items or things ordered by other customers and then returned. Amazon will give you a full refund for the items if they don't work.