Exclusive look at only Texas Walmart with pick-up tower

HOUSTON – Channel 2 got an exclusive invitation from Walmart to check out what they say is one of the largest vending machines in the country.

The Walmart Pick-Up Tower is the only one in Texas, and it's at the Walmart at 1313 North Fry Road.

The tower can hold up to 300 items that it dispenses as customers come into the store to pick up items they ordered online at Walmart.com.

Customers scan a barcode from their email or type in their order number and the tower dispenses their products.

The machine is supposed to speed up the process for customers picking up orders so they don't have to wait in a long line at the pick-up counter.

Consumer expert Amy Davis tested the time from the second a woman walked up to the machine until she had her order in her hand. It took 18 seconds.

Walmart only has five of the machines in the country right now. Depending on the results of the tests with these machines, it may install them in other stores.

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