Cable company wire obstructs homeowner's view

Owners Ask Amy For Help

The lines and wires overhead all across our area help bring us electricity, cable and internet signals; but one Houston couple called consumer expert Amy Davis when they say a cable company created an inconvenience and an eyesore from their Heights area home.

The couple tried for almost 6 months to contact AT&T to resolve the problem themselves with no luck.

When they couldn't take the view from their balcony any more, they called Davis.

The large second-floor balcony is what sold Vasiili Magazis and his wife on their home 14 years ago.

"I have my morning coffee here," Magazis told Davis. "I mean this is really our favorite spot of the house," said Magazis.

But last fall, when they returned home from vacation, they spotted an addition to their patio, or at least an addition very close to it; A wire stretching almost across the corner of their balcony. 

Magazis used a tape measure to show it is less than 43 inches from their home. They tried to camouflage it with a plant, but they're tired of staring at it every time they're outside.

"Well, it's an eyesore," Magazis said.

When he learned AT&T ran the wire for his neighbor's cable service, he tried repeatedly to contact the company himself.

"Most of the time the calls went to recordings," Magazis explained. "A lot of times they asked for account numbers which I don't have because I am not a client."

Magazis doesn't want to interfere with his neighbor's cable, but he thinks there could be an easy fix.

"I feel like they can raise the cable up higher, and then it wouldn't be as much of a problem," Magazis said.
AT&T agreed. Davis made one call and the company had a crew out the very next day moving the cable. 

Sometimes half the battle is getting through to the right person at these mega companies. If you are ever having a problem with your cable, gas or power company, any company that uses the city's right of way for their equipment, you can contact your city government.

In this case, the Houston Department of Administration and Regulatory affairs has a department with liaisons with these companies.

They can help you get through to the right people. You can call, fax, email or use snail mail to contact that office.

Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department - Utility Regulation
Call: 832.393.8591
Fax: 832.393.8517

Or write to:
ARA-Utility Regulation
611 Walker
Houston, TX 77002

Or e-mail: