As Seen on TV Tuesday: Can a $10 device whiten your teeth?

Americans spend $1.4 billion a year on tooth-whitening products.

Whether it's a whitening kit you do at home or a professional treatment at the dentist, it's probably safe to say that you want a whiter smile, and no one wants to pay more than they have to.

Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing Luma Smile, an "As Seen on TV" product that costs just $10.
Davis got Channel 2 sports anchor Adam Wexler to be the guinea pig.

In the commercial, the announcer claims that "Luma Smile cleans coffee or tea stains, wine stains, tobacco stains."

"I will freely admit, I don't drink coffee, don't use tobacco products, and, well, I don't drink a lot of wine," said Wexler. But he said his teeth could always be "whiter and brighter."

Little rotating rubber cups on the Luma Smile polish your teeth; and the makers claim that it doesn't take much effort.

"Now you can get a perfect smile in just a minute a day with Luma Smile," the commercial claims, calling it "the at-home tooth polisher that gives you the fresh-from-the dentist feeling."

Wexler tried it morning and night for about a week. While he wouldn't take before-and-after pictures like those in the commercial, he had good things to say about his teeth after using Luma Smile.

"I don't know if they were noticeably whiter, but they definitely felt cleaner and smoother," Wexler told Davis.

A small-print disclaimer in the commercial reveals that the results in the after pictures from the spot are "not typical."

Still, for just $10, Wexler said he would buy the product.

"I probably would," he said. "Again, maybe over a longer period of time, there would be a more obvious, noticeable difference and whiter teeth."

Luma Smile doesn't come with any whitening paste or polish. Wexler used it with regular toothpaste, but you could use whitening paste with it as well.