As Seen on TV: The Star Shower Laser Light

WARNING: Do not shine laser lights into eyes or directly up into the sky. The laser could damage your eyes, and the beam can distract pilots in the air.

Putting up those holiday lights on your house can be a strenuous chore and can be a little dangerous. The Star Shower Laser Light promises to make putting up those lights super easy and fast all with the flick of a switch.

No ladders, no hanging, no dead bulbs, just plug it in. We gave it a test and compared it to putting up our own Christmas lights.

The Star Shower Laser Light was faster. You just stick it in the ground, angle it onto your house and you've got thousands of tiny lights instantly shining on your home.

The lights cost about $40.00 at Home Depot or Target. But remember, do not shine the laser straight up into the sky, they can possibly distract pilots in the air. There's also a warning on the box to not look directly into the laser, it could hurt your eyes.

Star Shower Laser Lights said in an email statement, "Star Shower Laser Lights are compliant with FDA regulations governing lasers and with Consumer Product Safety standards. Consumers should carefully read and follow directions in our instruction sheet and our website to assure the full enjoyment and safety of our product.

Star Shower should be pointed directly at your home, never directly into the sky. To position your Star Shower at the optimal angle, please refer to our instruction sheet for the recommended distance-to-surface ratio to cover your intended surface.

Lasers should not be projected at or within the flight path of an aircraft within 10 nautical miles of an airport. If your intended surface is within 10 nautical miles of an airport, lower the angle of the Star Shower so that no lasers point into the sky."