Meet local cancer survivor Mia Spargo

One of the stars of KPRC 2′s Fight 2 End Pediatric Cancer PSA

HOUSTON – Mia Spargo was 12 years old when she played the role of surgeon in KPRC 2′s Fight 2 End Pediatric Cancer PSA. We asked her mom Marina to give us an update and some background on Marina’s battle with cancer.

Throughout the month of September, KPRC 2 is highlighting and jumping in the fight against pediatric cancer

Meet Mia Spargo. Mia is now 14 and has been in remission for 6 years. Of course, every day is a new challenge for us, but we will not give up and will fight any of her health issues. Cancer left many problems but did not take away from Mia her faith in a bright future. Mia went to the 9th grade and she really enjoys studying and being among friends. The teachers love her very much. Mia started playing piano and is trying to write songs. She loves to draw and do handicrafts, and she loves help others. Unfortunately, the pandemic postponed her toy drive but we are finding other ways to help cancer organizations.

Now, it is difficult to say what future Mia will have and what profession she will choose, but I know for sure that she wants to help children like herself.

Her diagnosis: Mia was diagnosed with a brain tumor (NGGCT) on September 13, 2013. Her mom says Mia was complaining about headaches and weakness for a while. The first diagnosis was diabetes; the doctor said she was born with it. Mia's family looked for a second opinion. After visiting several doctors and still having no answers, a Texas Children's Hospital doctor suggested an MRI. After a few hours, Mia was transferred to the ER where doctors relayed that Mia had a mass in her brain that shouldn't be there. It was later confirmed that she had cancer.

How cancer has impacted Mia and her family: Mia’s mom says life has been difficult with doctor visits, medical bills and two other sons who need care. She says it’s hard, but they make it. She says Mia changed her life. Mia’s big wish is to see gold ribbons on every house, in every hospital, on every building in Houston and in every organization throughout the month of September. Her mom feels that people need to see children fighting cancer every day on TV. She also wants organizations to always remember the children who defeated cancer but now live with other problems as a result.