Beware: Several feral hog sightings reported in Seabrook

Feral hogs (File) (KSAT)

SEABROOK, Texas – Seabrook Animal Control is warning residents about feral hog sightings in the area.

In a Facebook Monday, the Seabrook Animal Shelter let residents know that Seabrook Animal Control has received “several calls” regarding packs of feral hogs at Wildlife Park, which is located off Red Bluff Road. The Facebook post said the animals aren’t unusual but some residents may be alarmed if they see them.

Seabrook Animal Control have received several calls regarding packs of feral hogs at Wildlife Park just off Red Bluff...

Posted by Seabrook Animal Shelter - Texas on Monday, February 17, 2020

Officials advised that typically the hogs won’t bother people if they are left alone.

“Most feral hogs, in particular female mothers, will only charge someone when they feel provoked or threatened. Therefore if sighted, do not try to approach the hogs and do not feed them,” the Facebook post said. “Never discharge a firearm or attempt to kill a feral hog as this would violate city ordinance.”

Residents who have seen the animals in neighborhoods or who have seen a hog charge at a person or attack domestic animals are urged to contact animal control by calling police at 281-291-5610. Officials said if the animals aren’t threatening anyone or anyone’s personal property, there is no need to contact them.

Officials said feral hogs feed mainly at night and during the twilight hours, but may go out and search for food during the day in cold or wet weather.

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