Sleepy? Recharge at this new nap bar in the Houston Galleria

HOUSTON – It’s National Napping Day!

You can now take a power nap and recharge at the Nap Bar, Texas' first napping facility, located inside the Houston Galleria Mall.

The Nap Bar features luxurious private suites with comfy organic mattresses, organic sheets and custom sounds to help you take your nap to the next level.

Nap Bar founder Khaliah Guillory strives to rejuvenate overworked Houstonians and exhausted holiday shoppers by providing an elevated space to help refresh the mind and body.

Nappers can sleep for 20 minutes or up to four hours.

Naps are priced at $1 per minute. Frequent nappers have the option to purchase packages and memberships.

The sleep oasis will be open until Feb. 29.

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