Dozens gather for lunar communion to honor Apollo 11 astronauts at Webster church

WEBSTER, Texas – Fifty years ago, the world was still in celebrating Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic walk on the moon. 

But before the landing, Aldrin took part in a very spiritual celebration by taking communion inside the lunar lander. Five decades later, Webster Presbyterian Church paid tribute to the astronauts the same way it did in 1969. 

"In this service today, we'll do it like that service then, without a benediction because the service isn't over until Buzz has taken communion," said Helen DeLeon, associate pastor at Webster Presbyterian Church. 

Aldrin gave thanks and showed that science and faith can align. 

"He wanted to show that God is present in everything we do, and today, I hope to share the similar aspect of that message that God is present in all that we do," said Clayton Anderson, a retired astronaut who has been to space and back. 

Anderson led the communion and preached in honor of Aldrin.