6 must-see videos from KPRC 2's 'Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon' special


HOUSTON – In case you missed KPRC 2's 50th anniversary special 'Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon,' we've got you covered.

Below are the six individual segments from the show.

You can watch the show in its entirety at this link.

1. 'Mission to the Moon:' Life in Space City before Apollo 11

2. 'Mission to the Moon:' Heroes of Apollo's Mission Control

3. 'Mission to the Moon:' In Their Own Words

4. 'Mission to the Moon:' Newly-uncovered Armstrong film, KPRC connection

5. 'Mission to the Moon:' Houston after Apollo 11 splashdown

6. 'Mission to the Moon:' Future of spaceflight decades after Apollo 11