A self-service bar? It's coming to Houston in 2020


HOUSTON – Have you ever just wanted to fill your glass with beer, wine or a cocktail yourself, but instead had to wait 20 minutes for your waiter to bring out everyone’s drink orders?

Everyone can relate to this frustration. Just trying to kick back with a glass of wine at a casual dinner, but by the time it comes out after your food then you are inclined to simply take the check and head home.

New self-service bar and restaurant, Shoot the Moon, will avoid this problem by offering beer, wine and craft cocktails through a self-service bar through the company PourMyBeer. According to PourMyBeer, “We are a fast-growing self-serve dispense technology company giving customers the accessibility to beverages of their choice at their fingertips!”

And the food will definitely not be too shabby either. Executive director, Kevin Floyd who has opened and overseen Houston restaurants including Anvil Bar & Refuge, The Hay Merchant, Underbelly and UB Preserv, has returned to the restaurant scene after a yearlong break.

Culinary director, Dax McAnear, has also worked with his share of experienced Houston chefs including Ryan Pera, Monica Pope, Scott Tycer, Chris Shepherd and Ryan Hildebrand.

The company overview says, “Shoot the Moon will offer a dynamic tasting tavern experience to include diverse and delicious food and drink choices served in an appealing and comfortable atmosphere. Chef Dax McAnear will take the helm in developing the well-rounded menu that will feature small plates, pizzas and healthy fare to suit a variety of tastes. The extensive automated tap wall—complete with safeguards to manage alcohol consumption—will offer never-seen-before-in-Houston self-service beverage delivery systems."

The restaurant is expected to open in 2020 and will be located at 8141 Long Point Road in Spring Branch.