True or false? Sharing photos, vacation details on social media can void your insurance policy

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HOUSTON – "Be aware folks!"

That's the start of a Facebook post many people have copied and shared thousands of times in recent weeks. It explains that some insurance companies won't pay claims if your home is burglarized if you shared photos on social media that reveal you are away from your home.

KPRC 2 wondered if the claim was true, so consumer expert Amy Davis dug around for some answers.

Here's the post:

Davis checked with The Woodlands Financial Group that has nearly 400,000 customers through 300 insurance companies. They said none of their policies carry this language, and they couldn't find a single domestic carrier using social media in their policy or denying coverage based on Facebook posts.

Regardless, you should check your own policy and always use your best judgment. It is not a good idea to post vacation pictures while you are away from home especially if your social media pages are not set to private or you have a lot of people you don't know on your pages.

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