A cold look back

Not so long ago
Not so long ago

Many folks are still recovering from a week that will be remembered for the rest of our lives -- the cold, the ice, the snow, the dark and the worry. You might take a moment to look back at just how remarkable a week we went through in our weather history.

The National Weather Service put together a complete review and one of the first things that stuck out is that on Valentine’s Day, the ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS went under a Winter Storm Warning. That, in itself, is record-worthy.

All of Texas under a Winter Storm Warning courtesy NWS Houston

That warning earned its stripes, of course, as not only the winter weather materialized, but so did the cold. Here’s the timeline of temperatures:

Temperatures plunge to their lowest in three decades courtesy NWS Houston

While Bush IAH officially dropped to 13 degrees, we experienced much colder temperatures around the area. In Harris County, the lowest was in east Stafford with 3 degrees, while the coldest temp turned up in Huntsville at 1 degree.

The report has the entire list by county and you can see just how cold your temperatures were.

Finally, the timeline for that horrible week is also included:

The week that was Timeline courtesy NWS Houston

Have a look at the report right here and settle in for some eye-opening information.

In the meantime, a cool, crisp, stellar weekend is in store so make plans to enjoy it before the foggy conditions return next week.


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