Holiday light fight pits man against HOA

Frank Morales has been staging an elaborate Christmas light display for years. Now his HOA is demanding he pull the plug. (NBC NEWS)

(KVOA) – A Tucson, Arizona man is fighting to keep his Christmas light display up until Christmas.

Frank Morales has staged the elaborate light show for the past four years with no problems.

Now, his homeowners association says he must pull the plug.

“They stated that it had to be removed by December 6th,” Morales says.

The HOA’s rules state any holiday display must be taken down 30 days after the initial start or performance.

Morales says the HOA started his 30-day countdown too soon.

“Me building a couple of props and little stuff is the day they started, which wasn’t up. I would put small things up,” Morales says.

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