‘I don’t feel safe’: Frustrated residents say broken cameras, vehicle gate may be cause of more than 50 cars getting broken into at SW Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON – As many as 50 vehicles were broken into Sunday night while parked inside a parking garage at the Ashford Apartments located off Dairy Ashford.

Tenants said the complex bills itself as a safe place to live.

“It says they have cameras. It says they have a security system,” said resident Nikolas Eaboin.

But on Sunday night, residents said more than vehicles that were parked on different levels of the garage were broken into and some were even severely damaged.

“The in-console of the vehicle was actually ripped apart. They were actually trying to hit wire the car,” said resident Sean Amerthil.

Concerned residents said while the complex has security cameras and a gate, the cameras aren’t working and the gate is often broken or malfunctions.

Toni Whitelow, who had her car window smashed, says a group of about 20 tenants went to the leasing office on Monday looking for a resolution.

“Instead of them being sympathetic and remorseful, they didn’t care. Essentially, it’s not our fault. It’s not our fault,” Whitelow said.

To hold them accountable, KPRC 2 Legal Analyst Brian Wice said residents would have to prove the property manager or landlord acted negligently. He added that if the cameras aren’t working and if the gate isn’t functioning properly, they’re not entirely out of luck and may have a case.

“Fifty cars get vandalized, so there’s nothing they can do to remedy it. They just say it sucks,” said resident Suzanne Hommel.

KPRC 2′s attempt to contact the management at Ashford Apartments was unsuccessful.

“I don’t feel safe at this point. That’s not ok,” Whitelow said.

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