Pasadena Police Department recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month, provides resources to those in need

PASADENA, Texas – The Pasadena Police Department held a press conference Wednesday morning to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The department wanted to raise public awareness on the topic of sexual assault, provide education and survivors support. In the month of April, the campaign will build safe online spaces together, according to the department.

Over the past three years, officers investigated over 620 offenses ranging from children to adults. The department said over 200 offenses have been investigated each year, which included family members, partners and acquaintances.

The department thanked its partnership with the Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a nonprofit organization. The partnership has been successful in helping the police department investigate those cases and helping victims.

The nonprofit organization provides support 24/7. It has provided shelter, support, housing, education, children services and therapy.

A representative for Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner recognized the month by celebrating and honoring the partnership between the Pasadena Police Department and Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Wagner signed a proclamation to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month for the month of April.

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