Gov. Abbott gives update on state’s efforts to provide water, other resources

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott (KPRC)

TEXAS – Governor Greg Abbott provided an update Sunday in San Antonio on the state’s efforts to provide water and other resources to communities across Texas.

Abbott said power is at full capacity, leaving only about 30,000 Texans without power compared to millions early in the week. He said the reason that residents are still left without power is due to local power providers needing hookups or downed power lines.

“I suspect all power will be restored to every house tonight or tomorrow,” the governor said.

He said officials are working with cities as localities get water up and running and restored to communities across the state. Abbott said officials understand the challenges many are facing with no power or water.

He said the state has delivered nearly 10 million bottles of water and more than 5 million ready-to-eat meals, with the help of the Texas National Guard and other partners. Several aircraft and delivery trucks were used to help deliver those supplies.

Abbott said officials are working with Texas cities for distribution.

He also addressed the busted pipe issue many are facing across the state. Abbott said the state is going what it can and bringing more plumbers as they are in high demand.

“We urge to call plumbers as quickly as possible, call insurance as quickly as possible,” he said. “They should be working with you to make sure those pipes get fixed. If you don’t have insurance, you may get FEMA to reimburse.”