‘Grinch’ steals life-sized Christmas decorations from home in the Galleria area

"Grinch" steals Christmas decorations
"Grinch" steals Christmas decorations

HOUSTON – A Houston homeowner wants to know who took some of her Christmas decorations.

A Ring video shows a man in a suit coat removing a life-size nutcracker from the front doorstep of the home on Cedar Creek Drive around 11:41 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

The next morning the owner realized both of the nutcrackers were gone when she went to check the mail.

“They were life-sized, bigger than I am, and they’ve had them up every year since we’ve been here,” said neighbor Ron Roberts, who lives a few doors down. “It’s really made me angry, and I think most of the neighbors around here as well, cause the video did circulate the neighborhood.”

The owner did not want to go on camera but said she was home that night when the video was recorded. Roberts said his cameras captured two vehicles leaving the neighborhood around that time.

“You can’t see any license plates so it makes it difficult to really pursue an individual,” Robert said.

The two nutcrackers are around six feet tall and each cost around $600, the owner said. For Roberts, it was more about the principle of what happened than the price.

“The neighbors that had this happen do make a big effort to light up their house and provide some joy to the area,” he said.

None of the neighbors KPRC 2 spoke with recognized the man in the video. The owner filed a theft report with Houston Police.

Two neighbors said they recently had issues with minor thefts but the owner said this was the first time someone took her decorations.

The owner said her husband will make a donation to charity for double the value of the nutcrackers if the statutes are returned or whoever is responsible is arrested.