VIDEO: Boxing legend Mike Tyson discusses return to the ring with an unexpected showdown

Tyson speaks about fighting over 50; Heavyweight’s interview Interrupted by “Flyweight”

HOUSTON – On Saturday night in Los Angeles, Mike Tyson will make a return to the boxing ring at 54 years old. Some are calling it an exhibition bout, but Tyson kept it straight in an exclusive interview with KPRC 2.

“I just know how to fight. I don’t know how to take it easy,” said Tyson via Zoom call earlier this week.

Tyson will be squaring off against another ring legend in 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. The two men have a combined age of 105.

The fight has distinct rules, eight 2-minute rounds.

Getting in shape, boxing shape is challenging for most fighters. However, for Tyson, it comes more than fifteen years after he last stepped in the ring.

Tyson tells KPRC 2 getting in shape was “hell at first.”

When asked what message he was sending to anyone over 50?

“I never actually believe I was giving them a message,” said Tyson who quickly added, “I’m just Mike doing what Mike wants to do.”

During the interview, Hudson Diaz, reporter Mario Diaz’s son, joined the conversation. The chat ended with an unexpected showdown between the two.

To see their showdown, click the video in the video player.

To watch Tyson and Jones, you’ll have to order it up. Like every fight during Tyson’s heyday, this one is on pay-per-view.

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