Postal worker caught on camera dumping Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls’ campaign fliers, he says

HOUSTON – Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says an unidentified postal worker threw away a bundle of his campaign mailers fliers Friday.

Nehls, who is up against fellow Republican Kathaleen Wall in the July primary runoff election, says he learned of the incident from a business owner who called him.

The business owner showed Nehls the video footage in which a postal worker can be seen throwing an object in the dumpster behind a building near FM 359. The owner said when he went to go retrieve what was thrown away, he found Nehls’ reelection campaign fliers.

In the video, the driver is seen pulling up to the dumpster, getting out and throwing something in the trash. Nehls said the person attempted to hide the mailers before discarding them.

Within minutes, Nehls said he visited the business to retrieve the mailers.

Nehls expressed disappointment about the incident and believes the person infringed on his first amendment rights. He said he filed a report with the Fort Bend County Sheriffs’ Office. He is also said he will speak with a U.S. Postal inspector about opening an investigation.

“I said to myself: How said? How sad it is to see? We have the federal government, the postal service, throwing away political mailers. A sad day,” he said.

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